If you have any questions regarding changes in the application or other problems related to it, please contact our support and support at help@lpgtech.pl. You can find a list of major changes below:

Version Important changes Added TECH ONE, TECH DUO firmware, version 91:

    • Fixed the acceleration options.


    • Improved connection with digital switch and the controller.
    • Fixed problem related to changing controller settings and improved value editing;
    • Improved readability of the text on the “Settings” tab;
    • Small bugs fixed. TECH 204 firmware, version 67:

    • Added support for digital switch.

RGB switch firmware, version 0.1.3:

    • Prepared to work with TECH 204.
    • Other improvements.


    • Support for digital switch for TECH 204.


    • Improved communication with digital switch.
    • Other bugs fixed. Other:

    • Small bugs fixed. Added:

    • TECH ONE firmware upload bug fixed.
    • Switch control panel firmware upload bug fixed (noticed in version). Added:

    • Small bugs fixed.
    • Added new firmware for TECH ONE, TECH DUO and switch control panel RGB.
    • Brightness, volume and sound type selection added for digital switch control panel.
    • Procedure of digital switch control panel firmware upload changed.
    • TECH DUO password lock feature added. Added:

    • Gas level sensors 90 Ohm i 50 kOhm default settings changed.
    • Gas level indication bug fixed for 90 Ohm sensor in TECH ONE and TECH DUO.
    • Gas level sensor levels adjusting alghoritm and window view optimized.
    • Default colors on RGB switch control panel optimized.
    • „Full screen” feature added in „View” tab Added:

    • Updated TECH DUO firmware.
    • Small bugs fixed. Added:

    • Updated TECH DUO firmware.
    • Translations optimized. Added:

    • Added new version of firmware – 66.
    • „Delete all DTC’s” function added in automatic OBD errors deleting.
    • Lithuanian language added.


  • Small bugs fixed.
  • Switch control panel RGB configure window optimized.
  • Switch control panel settings moved to „Gas level sensor” settings window.
  • „Gas level sensor” window resolution optimized.
  • Switch control panel icon optimized.
  • TECH ONE firmware upload optimized.
  • „Nozzle calculator” algoritm and window view optimized.
  • „Last refuelling chart” and gas level sensor supply features added (TECH DUO).
  • Corrections import bug fixed (TECH DUO). Added:

    • TECH DUO support added.
    • „Nozzle calculator” added („Tools” tab).


  • „Table” viewset as default while opening „Map” tab.
  • „Units” and „Colouring” menu moved to „View” tab.
  • Firmware selection bug fixed.
  • Real parameters window size optimized.
  • „Normal” to „Standard” name change in „Firmware” selection Added:

    • TECHConnect support added.
    • Switch control panel RGB support added.
    • Portuguese, Romanian and Italian languages added.
    • Added special TECH ONE firmware version –200. TECH ONE now works as a signal generator for injectors cleaning machine.

TECH ONE firmware – 88:

    • Shortened delay between electrovalve opening and switching over to gas.
    • Max. gas pressure no longer available on CNG mode.

2xx, 3xx, 5xx series firmware – 65:

    • Max gas RPM lowest value set to 0.
    • Max engine load on gas lowest value set to 0.
    • „Fast switch off” function optimized. Do not use in engines with wide opened petrol injectors strategy.
    • Small bugs from beta versions fixed.
    • „No connection with OBD scanner” bug fixed.
    • „Injector selection from icon” bug fixed.


    • List of available firmwares optimized (old files deleted).
    • Communication ports selection optimized.
    • Wider application window restored