If you have any questions regarding changes in the application or other problems related to it, please contact our support and support at help@lpgtech.pl. You can find a list of major changes below:

Version Important changes Added:

    • Updated serial port drivers (PL23XX v408, FTDI v2.12.36.4).


    • Changed serial port configuration, to allow operation with some other, serial port drivers. Added:

    • Injector: “Tomasetto IT01 BRAVO” to the list of supported injectors;
    • A setting of shortcut for “Workshop” tab, in program settings.


    • Some program translations. Improved:

    • Detecting failures in switch connection.
    • Some program translations. Added:

    • Detecting failures in switch connection.
    • Ability to open setting files, by opening file short-cut.
    • Firmware for Tech-204, version 78:
      Implemented “Idle” correction slider.
      Changed method of determining the gas level (introduced in version 77):
      Extended the time to determine the gas level, from 48s to 72s, approximately.


    •  Updated program translations.
    • Reported bugs fixed. Improved:

    • Restored first tab as “Settings”, instead of “Workshop” tab.
      Reported bugs fixed. Added:

    • A button “Show / Hide oscilloscope in new window” in oscilloscope window.
    • Support for internet registration and logging-in of workshops:
      Ability to register an installation, set up in a vehicle.
      Function of Automatic logging-in.
    • Firmware:Gas injection controller:
      Version 100 (Tech-One, Tech-Duo):
      Improved stand-by mode.Digital RGB Switch:
      Improved touch sensing.
      Improved interoperability with configuration program (Gas Setting 2.0).


    • Program appearance (improved support for different color schemes, set in operating system environment). Added:

    • Firmware for Tech-204, version 76:
      Improved function of triggering emergency start, using a digital switch (button held, while turning on an ignition). Improved:

    • Fixed a bug of OBD PID, not being set up, and not read by OBD, when required. Applies to configuration, where engine type is “Valvetronic, MultiAir”, and MAF source is OBD. Improved:

    •  Availability of connection, using Tech-Connect (From version, Tech-Connect would not appear on the connection list).
    • Visibility of switch image (The image was not visible, after opening a file with saved settings).
    • Updating of refueling chart (Updating the chart, in time of opening a window with the chart). Added:

    • Support for new OBD settings in gas injection controller: “Erasing period”, “Instant erasing”.
    • Firmware:Gas injection controller:Version 99 (Tech-One, Tech-Duo).Version 98 (Tech-One, Tech-Duo):
      Version 75 (Tech-204):
      Improved connectivity with digital switch.Version 75 (Tech-324 OBD, Tech-326 OBD, Tech-328 OBD):
      Added new settings, that were added to Tech-OBD Scanner:
      “Erasing period”,
      “Instant erasing”.


    • Program performance, while showing RPM corrections.
    • Procedure of uploading a firmware to gas injection controller.
    • Connectivity with digital switch (uploading a firmware).
    • Checking availability of digital switch test. Added:

    • A button of nozzle calculator, next to “Nozzle diameter” setting.
    • Adaptation options, in “Adaptation – additional information” window (“Correction inverted”, “Adaptation aim”, “Skip OBD correction”).
    • Chinese language.
    • Firmware:Gas injection controller:Version 99 (Tech-One):
      Removed “RPM source” setting.
      The only option is an ignition coil, or camshaft sensor. Proper wire, have to be connected.Version 74, Version 97:
      Power management, while uploading a firmware to a digital switch, in Tech-Duo.
      “Injectors heating” function.
      Switching, in states of waiting and petrol adding.
      Removed injector heating feature from Tech-One, (inapplicable for this device hardware configuration).Digital RGB Switch:
      Version 15:
      Decreased the sensitivity of touch sensor (to avoid accidental switching).
      Changed error (malfunction) indication light, from the center of the switch, to the level indicator.Digital Switch (square):
      Version 10:
      Fixed a bug of turning the indication lights off, after “Gas Setting” disconnected the controller.


    •   Diagnostic trouble code list (DTC).
    • Support of devices:
      Digital Switch.
    • Nozzle calculator.
    • “Adaptation” step in configuration guide.
    • Support for gas injection controller change log.
    • Refueling chart.
    • Checking and reading error list.
    • Smooth program operation.
    • Updated the injector list.
    • Updated the program translations.
    • Reported bugs fixed. Added:

    • Configuration guide, guiding through setting up the gas injection controller.
    • Tech-Yeti GT/S injectors in nozzle calculator.
    • Functions of a digital switch:
      Working button, while program is connected with gas injection controller.
      Showing current state (gas level, working state).
      Showing indication of errors (MIL).
      Digital switch testing (buzzer test, level indicator test).
    • Program settings:
      Automatic program update check (can be turned off).
      Automatic authentication of “BlueTooth” devices, for wireless connection.
      Program short-cuts (extended capabilities, added the ability to remove assigned short-cut).
      Digital switch operation.
    • Instant preview of program settings, with the ability, to undo the changes.
    • Ability to select any file of the firmware to upload.
    • Continuous update of controller working time.
    • Icons, representing connection options, in “Connection” menu.
    • Firmware:Gas injection controller:Version 74, Version 97:
      Increased to 5100RPM, maximum value of “Max. RPM”, in acceleration options (“Cold VAG”, “Max gas injection time increase”).
      Added firmware with split gas injection control, for 6 cylinder version of controllers (8PB-4LPG, for Toyota/PSA engines, with two petrol injectors per cylinder).Version 72, Version 96:
      Improved gas level indication.
      Improved digital switch support.
      Lowered maximum allowed load, in low gas temperature conditions, from 75% to 60%.
      Updated list of supported injectors:
      Added: Yeti GT.Version 70, Version 94:
      Updated list of supported injectors:
      Removed: Koltek, Eurotec.
      Added: Mars, Romano.Tech-OBD Scanner:
      Version 16:
      Added cyclic erasing of errors (“Erasing period”).
      New Error erasing methods:
      Selective: “Only errors from the list” (Requires matching OBD error (DTC) from the error list, to be detected.);
      Conditional: “Any error detected” (Requires any error (DTC) to be detected by OBD system);
      Unconditional: “All errors (no checking)” (Unconditional error erasing after every ignition).Digital RGB Switch:
      Version 13:
      Change of error indication light (“check engine”), from constant to pulsing.
      Fixed a bug of occasionally turning the indication lights off.


    •   Support of devices:
      Gas injector controller,
      Digital switch,
      Tech-OBD Scanner.
    • Displaying of:
      current parameters,
      parameter values, using USA units (°F, psi),
      tabs in main program window,
      switching states (petrol adding, mix),
      corrections (Map tab).
    • Calibration algorithm, on idle, to shorten the time of calibration.
    • AFR “Air Fuel Ratio” function (menu “Controller” -> “AFR”).
    • Reading form setting file.
    • Nozzle calculator.
    • “Oscilloscope”.
    • Separated the names of injectors on list “Injector type”.
    • Updated the injector list.
    • Updated program translations.
    • Sorted the list of car makes and models.
    • Automatic connection on program start is turned off, if program was previously closed disconnected (“No connection”).
    • Reported bugs fixed.
    • Installer of the program. Added:

    • New firmware for gas injection controllers:Version 72 (Tech-300, Tech-204)
      Version 96 (Tech-One, Tech-Duo):
      Improved support of digital switch, for Tech-204.
      Improved switching between gas and petrol.Version 70 (Tech-300, Tech-204)
      Version 94 (Tech-One, Tech-Duo):
      Changed list of supported injectors:
      Removed: Koltek, Eurotec.
      Added: Mars, Romano.
    • New firmware for Tech-OBD Scanner:
    • Unconditional OBD error erasing option: All errors (no checking).
    • Buzzer test for digital switch, to check the loudness.
    • Message about expired time to service inspection, shown in the “New errors and messages” list.
    • Support for new OBD error erasing method, added in Tech-OBD Scanner.
    • Ability to choose firmware file, to upload.


    • Program appearance.
    • Refueling chart.
    • Displaying of OBD parameters, and values of temperature (°F) and pressure (psi).
    • Short-cut keys.
    • Updated the injector list.
    • Nozzle calculator.
    • Support of digital switch.
    • Connectivity with gas injection controller.
    • Connectivity with Tech-OBD Scanner, and Multi-Tech.
    • Support of Tech-OBD Scanner, and gas injection controllers, with OBD functions.
    • Extended the range of injector flow correction, for engine type: “Wankel engine”.
    • Reported bugs fixed. Improved:

    • Generic improvements. Added:

    • New firmware, version 92 for TECH DUO. Changes made:
      • Enabled RPM divider for RPM taken from PB Injectors;
      • Improved fuel switching for mixed mode.
    • New firmware, version 1.12 for RGB Switch. Changes made:
      • Improved touch sensing.
    • Added OBD parameters to gauge list;
    • Added gauge position saving;
    • In the correction table, holding of ‘Shift’ button, sets change rate from +/-1 to +/-5;


    • General fixes and improvements;
    • Improved editing of corrections and multipliers in “Map” tab;
    • Improved support for LPG controllers with OBD. Added:

    • Added version 0.1 of firmware for older digital switch.


    • Improved connectivity with LPG controller
    • Improved the adjusting of the corrections (“Map” tab)
    • Fixed reported issues concerning calibration
    • Fixed displaying of some settings (“OBD” tab) Added:

    • Firmware files for RGB Switch


    • New firmware file for RGB Switch (version 1.8): Improved touch sensing at low temperatures;

Attention! Due to changes caused by uploading previous version of firmware for RGB Switch, that introduced unstable operation at low temperatures, it is recomended to upgrade the firmware in RGB Switch to the newest version available. Added:

    • New menu items Connection: “refresh port list” and “BlueTooth” -> “New device …”.
    • Automatic authentication of wireless BlueTooth interfaces (“Automatically authenticate BlueTooth interface” option).
    • Firmware files (version 68) for controllers with built-in OBD functions.
    • “Car parameters” option for uploading controller settings.


    • General fixes and improvements. Added TECH ONE, TECH DUO firmware, version 91:

    • Fixed the acceleration options.


    • Improved connection with digital switch and the controller.
    • Fixed problem related to changing controller settings and improved value editing;
    • Improved readability of the text on the “Settings” tab;
    • Small bugs fixed. TECH 204 firmware, version 67:

    • Added support for digital switch.

RGB switch firmware, version 0.1.3:

    • Prepared to work with TECH 204.</li
    • Other improvements.


    • Support for digital switch for TECH 204.


    • Improved communication with digital switch.
    • Other bugs fixed. Added:

    • TECH ONE firmware upload bug fixed.
    • Switch control panel firmware upload bug fixed (noticed in version). Added:

    • Small bugs fixed.
    • Added new firmware for TECH ONE, TECH DUO and switch control panel RGB.
    • Brightness, volume and sound type selection added for digital switch control panel.
    • Procedure of digital switch control panel firmware upload changed.
    • TECH DUO password lock feature added. Added:

    • Gas level sensors 90 Ohm i 50 kOhm default settings changed.
    • Gas level indication bug fixed for 90 Ohm sensor in TECH ONE and TECH DUO.
    • Gas level sensor levels adjusting alghoritm and window view optimized.
    • Default colors on RGB switch control panel optimized.
    • „Full screen” feature added in „View” tab Added:

    • Updated TECH DUO firmware.
    • Small bugs fixed. Added:

    • Updated TECH DUO firmware.
    • Translations optimized. Added:

    • Added new version of firmware – 66.
    • „Delete all DTC’s” function added in automatic OBD errors deleting.
    • Lithuanian language added.


  • Small bugs fixed.
  • Switch control panel RGB configure window optimized.
  • Switch control panel settings moved to „Gas level sensor” settings window.
  • „Gas level sensor” window resolution optimized.
  • Switch control panel icon optimized.
  • TECH ONE firmware upload optimized.
  • „Nozzle calculator” algoritm and window view optimized.
  • „Last refuelling chart” and gas level sensor supply features added (TECH DUO).
  • Corrections import bug fixed (TECH DUO). Added:

    • TECH DUO support added.
    • „Nozzle calculator” added („Tools” tab).


  • „Table” viewset as default while opening „Map” tab.
  • „Units” and „Colouring” menu moved to „View” tab.
  • Firmware selection bug fixed.
  • Real parameters window size optimized.
  • „Normal” to „Standard” name change in „Firmware” selection Added:

    • TECHConnect support added.
    • Switch control panel RGB support added.
    • Portuguese, Romanian and Italian languages added.
    • Added special TECH ONE firmware version –200. TECH ONE now works as a signal generator for injectors cleaning machine.

TECH ONE firmware – 88:

    • Shortened delay between electrovalve opening and switching over to gas.
    • Max. gas pressure no longer available on CNG mode.

2xx, 3xx, 5xx series firmware – 65:

    • Max gas RPM lowest value set to 0.
    • Max engine load on gas lowest value set to 0.
    • „Fast switch off” function optimized. Do not use in engines with wide opened petrol injectors strategy.
    • Small bugs from beta versions fixed.
    • „No connection with OBD scanner” bug fixed.
    • „Injector selection from icon” bug fixed.


    • List of available firmwares optimized (old files deleted).
    • Communication ports selection optimized.
    • Wider application window restored