TECHTronic 2.0


  • The new version of the TECHtronic device
  • Input/output characteristic configurable via PC
  • Conversion of MAF signals for Valvetronic systems
  • Allows you to convert any type of signal flowmeter with a digital output signal as pulse frequency or fill
  • D/A converter
  • Connecting cable supplied

TECHTronic 2.0 is a device that changes the voltage from the flowmeter to voltage in a different range (U/U) or the frequency of the digital flowmeter to voltage that corresponds with this frequency (F/U) relative to set characteristics.

The TECHTronic 2.0 module is used in vehicles that have no vacuum in the manifold, which is why TECH controllers cannot read the load signal, and therefore it is impossible to create a map of gas injection times. This phenomenon occurs only in Valvetronic type engines (BMW) and MultiAir type engines (Fiat).

The module works with digital and analogue flowmeters. It can be custimized using a dedicated application for the PC.