TECH-320 OBD series

  • Engines up to 8 cylinders supported
  • Automatic, intelligent OBD data trouble codes erasing
  • Automatic, real time LPG/CNG injection time correction based on petrol ECU parameters readed via OBD bus
  • OBD mapping while driving without PC connection need
  • OBD scanner function – OBD parameters, data trouble codes reading and erasing
  • Supported OBD protocols: CAN (11/500; 29/500; 11/250; 29/500), ISO 14230 slow, ISO 14230 fast, ISO 9141 using the same wires for CAN and ISO
  • Additional corrections of gas temperature, reducer pressure, gas pressure and engine rpm
  • TECH and Standard tuning algorithm (innovative control algorithm with autocalibration and autoadaptation systems)
  • Self diagnosis of faults and defects
  • Full short circuit and overload protection
  • Compatible with Valvetronic and Rotary engines
  • 56-pin connector
  • Aluminum casing

TECH 320-OBD is a microprocessor-based controller using traditional 56-pin wiring harness. These controllers are designed to operate with 4/6/8 cylinders engines (depends on version). Also there is ability parallel connection of two controllers in a MASTER/SLAVE mode, this helps to extend number of supported cylinders up to 16. Compact case, 190 x 125 x 30 mm, helps with fitting controller in a modern, built-up engine compartments.
TECH-320 OBD series provide the same functions and security features as TECH 320 series – ensuring excellent quality and performance. Additionaly TECH-320 OBD series communicates with can OBD protocols: CAN (11/500; 29/500; 11/250; 29/500), ISO 14230 slow, ISO 14230 fast, ISO 9141. Connection with car OBD system uses only two wires regardless of protocol. Another advantage is the possibility to use the controller to read, erase diagnostic trouble codes and reading all engine parameters like a standard OBD scanner.
TECH 320-OBD series has automatic DTC erasing function (up to 8), after fault code, stored in table „ codes to delete”, comes on controller automaticly clear petrol ECU memory. In other case, when readed code doesn’t exist in the table, controller wouldn’t clear faults memory to alert the driver about problem in engine system.
After connection with car OBD system TECH-320 OBD will pick up and save in table fuel trim values on petrol and gas. OBD adaptation, based on this data, self-adjust mixture composition to reach perfect instalation calibration. This ensure convenient autogas system operation.
To correctly connect the TECH-32x OBD controller with the vehicles OBD system, see the TECH-32x OBD controller – connection with OBD.

CAUTION! The TECH-320 OBD series drivers do not support the J1850 PWM and J1850 VPW protocols (CHRYSLER, FORD, GM group). The protocols can be recognized by the presence of the pin 2, or pins 2 and 10 in the OBD socket. That is why the vehicles with the J1850 PWM and J1850 VPW protocols must be equipped with the TECH-224 driver, or the TECH-300 series driver with the SCANNER TECH-OBD external diagnostic and communication module.