• 32 pin socket
  • Compact housing made of composite
  • Gas injection operating up to 4 cylinders
  • Switch with selection of sounds and colour display
  • Corrections based on gas and reducer temperature, gas pressure, RPM
  • Self-diagnosis, detection for errors and installation faults
  • Operation with engines type valvetronic
  • New hardware platform based on fast processor
  • Operation for extra petrol injection
  • Automatic detection for petrol injection type
  • Reading for RPM and ignition signal from petrol injectors pulses

TECH DUO combines proven solutions, a compact housing with easy-to-install harness and advanced features that meet the needs of modern engines.

TECH DUO is a new controller of the family dedicated to 4-cylinder engines with indirect fuel injection. The controller works with a new touch switch RGB, which allows for any color configuration. All enclosed in a small and compact housing with a 32-pin connector that allow the installer to fit in the place that suits us most.